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2019 Artificial Intelligence and Learning Health Systems

How to Make Two Good Ideas Happen in the Canadian Health System

Delta Toronto Hotel
Toronto, ON Jan 14, 2019 – Jan 15, 2019

If everyone agrees that our Canadian health systems would benefit from adopting a data-driven learning health system approach, why hasn’t it happened yet? Many are speaking about the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform data into benefits for patients and health systems, but why are there so few health AI applications outside of research settings?  How can we integrate AI into learning health systems in ways that maintain humane and concerned care and also respect public preferences and concerns about how data and AI are used? Will the development of learning health systems spur on the use of AI, and vice-versa? Join us for two exciting but perhaps cold days in January as we move these ideas forward.

2019 Policy Forum Presentations2019 Policy Forum Program

“Advancing Quality through Regional Clinical Governance”

2016 Policy Forum

Hyatt Regency Hotel
Toronto, Ontario Mar 31, 2016

The forum is dedicated to the proposition that the Canadian healthcare system can show considerable improvement if it implements successfully a regional clinical governance initiative, with responsibility for care from both clinical and administrative leaders. This thesis is taken from the recent report prepared for CFHI, entitled “The Contribution of Regionalization towards the Triple Aim.”  The conference will assess the possibility for improvement in the context of the framework set out in Health Quality Ontario’s “Quality Matters: Realizing Excellent Care for All,” which includes the six core dimensions necessary for high quality care. Insight into the possibility of achieving such a transformative idea/approach for health system will come from examples, some taken from recent developments in Ontario (e.g. HealthLinks, other LHIN initiatives) and some from CFHI collaboratives across Canada. Participants invited to attend the day will include 200 healthcare leaders, 150 of which will be from Ontario including representatives from the LHIN leadership, primary care physician leadership, clinical discipline leadership, academics and government

2016 Policy Forum Program

2015 CAHSPR Policy Forum

“Learning from Failure: Time for Action”

MaRS Discovery District
Toronto Ontario Mar 24, 2015

The premise of this conference is that for the Canadian healthcare system to improve we have to change our attitude towards failure. More specifically, we have to create an environment that tolerates failure when it occurs, and learns from it to create a better system. Speakers at the conference will introduce this crucial idea, bringing examples from other sectors and other jurisdictions of organizations who have accomplished this change. We will explore the reasons why Canada’s healthcare system has been slow to do so, and conclude by bringing forward the key actions we need for successful change.

2015 Policy Forum Program

Healthcare Leadership Forum

Leadership Toward The Triple Aim

Hotel Omni Mont Royal (Montreal QC)
Friday, February 14, 2014
9:30am to 3:30pm

This conference is jointly hosted by the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR), Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) and Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet). The program focuses on leadership in pursuit of the goals of the Triple Aim, an approach to optimizing health system performance developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). CFHI has a long tradition of supporting future healthcare leaders through its decade-long EXTRA program for healthcare improvement and recently joined forces with IHI to deliver the Triple Aim framework in Canada, by supporting nine healthcare delivery organizations. CHLNet’s mandate is to advance exemplary health leadership in Canada through the efforts of a network of organizations and leaders. The Health Council of Canada is providing generous funding for the conference.

2014 Policy Forum Program

2012 CAHSPR Policy Forum

Ten Years Since the Romanow Report: Retrospect and Prospect

Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Toronto Ontario Nov 09, 2012

It has been 10 years since Roy Romanow issued his report on the future of Canada’s public health care system. Much has happened since and much that we might have wished for has not. As the community of practice for health services and policy research in Canada, CAHSPR was interested in exploring this theme. To that end, and with support from the Health Council of Canada, CAHSPR organized an invitational Forum on November 9, 2012 where health policy experts from across Canada came together to look back on the issues that gave rise to the report and look forward to the challenges that remain.

2012 Policy Forum Program