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Background & Purpose

The CAHSPR Health Workforce theme group is a subgroup of CAHSPR’s broader membership comprised of researchers, decision-makers, policy makers, health professionals, and others who share an interest in health workforce research and policy.

Our mission is to 1) facilitate networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration among individuals and organizations who have an interest in health workforce, policy and planning; and 2) to elevate the profile, and improve the dissemination, of health workforce research and policy development at the CAHSPR conference and within the broader CAHSPR community.

Specific objectives of the Health Workforce theme group are as follows:

  • To create an active network of researchers, practitioners, and decision- and policy-makers who have an interest in health workforce, policy and planning;
  • To work with other organizations/partners, to facilitate linkage and exchange between health workforce organizations in Canada and internationally;
  • To provide venues and opportunities for supporting communication and collaboration among members at the CAHSPR conference and between CAHSPR events;
  • To promote HW research and knowledge translation within the HW policy community at CAHSPR events; and
  • To support efforts to build capacity in health workforce research

Organization & Leadership

The CAHSPR HW theme group is co-led by:

  • Brenda Gamble, Ontario Tech University
  • Ivy Bourgeault, University of Ottawa

Social Media