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Inaugural Research Chair in Community Health

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date limite de soumission: June 06, 2018  12:00:00 am

Inaugural Research Chair in Community Health    


Trillium Health Partners (THP) is one of the largest hospitals in Canada with an outstanding record of performance, fiscal responsibility and quality patient care. THP serves one of the most diverse communities in the world with a rich tapestry of cultures, values and beliefs that shape their community members’ health care needs and preferences. Guided by its values of compassion, excellence, and courage, THP’s strategic plan envisions a new kind of health care that builds a healthier and stronger community. Working in partnership with others in the surrounding community, THP envisions a system that is interconnected and inclusive -- built to address the health needs of its community, both inside the hospital and beyond its walls.  


THP established the Institute for Better Health (IBH) in 2014 to help create a new kind of health care for a healthier community using scientific expertise, innovative approaches and partnerships. IBH strives to embed research, innovation and rapid-cycle learning in day-to-day operations throughout the hospital to address real-life problems and better support our changing community. The focus is on applied and action-oriented health services and population health research that aligns with THP’s goals – all with the intention of improving health and transforming care. IBH is committed to enabling, producing and sharing cutting-edge research, so that its community, as well as others across Canada and globally, can benefit. IBH research and innovation focuses on how health care systems can support social and policy initiatives to improve health, not only for those they serve, but also for those they leave behind.


THP is a University of Toronto-affiliated hospital and a member of the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN). IBH scientists hold academic appointments at the University of Toronto and benefit from rich opportunities for intellectual dialogue and collaboration. In particular, IBH is closely aligned with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH) and its Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. DLSPH hosts the largest concentration of public health researchers and practitioners in Canada and is ranked 5th globally among public health schools.


The Position

IBH is seeking a recognized scientist to be the inaugural Trillium Health Partners and University of Toronto Research Chair in Community Health (Research Chair). Through partnerships, the Research Chair will establish a research program aimed at improving health outcomes in the community served by THP, with a focus on research that promotes the equitable distribution of health care. The Research Chair will be instrumental in guiding efforts to advance THP’s goal of fostering a healthier and more inclusive community by addressing key determinants of health outside of direct hospital care, including social, cultural, economic and environmental factors. The Research Chair will also hold an academic appointment at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.


Key leadership priorities for the Research Chair will be to:

  • Launch and evolve THP’s inaugural Research Chair in Community Health through building a leading research program that fosters a collaborative environment and integrates health services and community research initiatives that are applied, relevant, measurable and impactful.
  • Lead the development of a research program in collaboration with IBH scientists, THP leaders and community partners that focuses on improving health in our community and is aligned with THP’s mission and strategic plan.
  • Build and nurture meaningful partnerships with key stakeholders and the broader community, including patients and families, community partners, local health leaders, learning and health institutions, and private sector partners, by encouraging collaboration, knowledge exchange and actionable planning.
  • Advance system priorities and deliver on key research initiatives that effectively integrate THP’s services with the broader hospital and health care community, with a focus on enabling a new kind of health care for a healthier community.



The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of community environments, and a distinguished track record of successful research leadership and scholarship, including a strong peer-reviewed publication record and knowledge translation activities with local, regional, national and international practitioners and policy makers, and competitive research grant funding. With experience in advancing “knowledge to action”, the successful candidate will have a PhD in health services, population health, or a relevant field. An outstanding research leader committed to system performance and innovation, the successful candidate will also be an exceptional relationship developer capable of inspiring teams, peers and stakeholders. A demonstrated ability to partner in an invigorating, evolving, pioneering organization/environment is a definite asset.


Ideal candidates will hold the rank of Professor (or equivalent) with a recognized research institution, and will have significant action-oriented research experience within a community context and with community-based institutions (including local government organizations, municipal social services, health care institutions, regional public health boards, and municipal urban planning departments). 


To confidentially explore this opportunity, please email your resume, quoting the appropriate position title, to Judy Mandelman, at

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