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Executive Directors, Strategic Policy; Research and Innovation; Planning and Evaluation

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Date limite de soumission: August 21, 2015  11:59:00 pm

Alberta Health is advancing a culture of collaboration and creative systems-oriented decision making to achieve a sustainable, integrated and accountable health system that meets the needs of Albertans. The Strategic Planning and Policy Development Division develops the strategic vision for the Department and is a catalyst for excellence in informed decision making. 


Contribute your corporate leadership in one of these pivotal roles, working as a divisional team to align system priorities with Department initiatives to create a value-oriented, high performing health system.


Executive Director, Planning and Evaluation

Planning and establishing the business model that enables continuous improvement for the Department is a key priority in this role. You will lay the foundation for the division’s core functions, including business planning that shapes innovative health services, meeting legislative requirements and guiding evolution of performance measurement and evaluation frameworks for corporate decision making. Along with your team, you will oversee compliance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requirements, enterprise risk management, application of planning and evaluation frameworks, and production of the business plan and annual report. Collaboration with health sector leaders within the Department, across government and with service delivery partners will be critical to inform the value-oriented performance of Alberta’s health system.


Executive Director, Research and Innovation 

Drawing on your executive leadership, you will oversee and inform innovation in research and clinical practice through health technology assessment, policy development, and alliance with stakeholders. Using a strategic foresight lens, you will shape and manage value-driven investments over a long-term horizon to support Department priorities. Engaging key sector partners, you will help develop strategies and processes to support multi-disciplinary technology innovation and knowledge translation for improved system value. Integrating clinical, social, scientific, and economic evidence, you will guide your team to capitalize on best practice approaches and emergent ideas, to inform and influence critical health system decisions.   


Executive Director, Strategic Policy

A strategic leader, you will champion the design and integration of health policy within the Department and with other departments and sector partners. Your broad systems approach and commitment to collaboration using innovative methods will advance long-term policy

development as a foundation for a coordinated and value-oriented health system. Overseeing active and ongoing engagement between colleagues and partners to advance strategic priorities and influence pan-Canadian discussions on healthcare issues is a significant part of your role. Promoting leading edge practices, you will strengthen policy capacity and build expertise in evidence-based decision making within the Department. 


These roles require strategists with a systems focus and a commitment to strengthening inter and intra divisional dialogue on health system challenges.  Expertise in public policy design and coordination and implementing evidence-based practices and accountability approaches to inform executive decision-making has been developed through significant related senior management experience. Understanding of federal-provincial health issues within the political, economic and global environment and knowledge of Alberta’s health system and stakeholders will support success. A related graduate degree is an asset. Final candidates will be required to undergo a security screening.   Salary range: $4,801.47-$6,310.03 bi-weekly. Job ID #1031233


Visit for more information and to apply on-line. 

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