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Program Manager, Corporate Outreach, Workplace

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date limite de soumission: May 11, 2014  12:00:00 am

Reports To: Director of Prevention and Promotion Initiatives

Position Type:  Full Time

Location: Ottawa                                     

Application Deadline: May 11, 2014



The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is a non-profit organization created to focus national attention on mental health issues and to work to improve the health and social outcomes of people living with mental health problems and illnesses.


The Commission has a mandate to develop a Mental Health Strategy for Canada; to implement a ten-year Anti-Stigma/Anti Discrimination program; to develop a Knowledge Exchange Centre for the mental health field and to address homelessness in the context of mental health problems.  The Mental Health Commission’s head office is located in Calgary, Alberta, with a second office in Ottawa, Ontario.



Reporting to the Director of Prevention and Promotion Initiatives, the Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace will be focused on workplace mental health, within the prevention and promotion area, and will also work in collaboration with the workplace team and other MHCC departments. The MHCC has established five priority areas for the coming two years: (a) activating the Mental Health Strategy for Canada; (b) completing the MHCC’s ten-year anti-stigma/anti-discrimination effort; (c) addressing housing and homelessness; (d) improving workplace mental health; and (e) acting to prevent suicide.  Prevention and Promotion include workplace mental health as well as other pieces of work relating to ementalhealth, peer support, and the development of core competencies for physicians and surgeons.


The work of the Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace  will be focused on raising awareness and facilitating uptake of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health & Safety (hereafter: the Standard) with corporate Canada: small,  medium and large businesses. Where applicable, the Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace will also support efforts to improve opportunities and policies for people with lived experience to enter and stay in the work force, improve mental health literacy and provide practical support tools for dealing with a mental health crisis (e.g., such as with Mental Health First Aid).


The Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace must understand how to translate and market the issue of workplace mental health, including the National Standard, to small, medium and large businesses across Canada, specifically the private sector. The Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace should have a good understanding of how to work with all kinds of employers at all different levels, including CEOs and other senior officials, and how to position and promote a complicated document. Direct experience marketing and engaging corporate Canada is required. The Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace will identify key partners and influencers to reach the corporate sector and build partnerships to leverage their reach. The Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace will lead specific activities to build relationships with the corporate sector.   The Program Manager, Corporate Outreach will also assist with developing tools/resources for the employers such as an implementation guide and assist in hosting knowledge exchange events to disseminate best practices. The Program Manager, Corporate Outreach will work closely with other members of the workplace team, as well as the lead for the National Case Study Research Project to profile champions, showcase best practices, and help drive broad adoption of the Standard across Canada, specifically the corporate sector. Familiarity with Standards would be a benefit. In addition, in-depth familiarity with one or more specific dimensions of mental health research and policy could be an asset. The ability to function in both official languages is desired for this position.



The Program Manager of Corporate Outreach, Workplace will:

  • Develop strategic plan for the corporate sector (small, medium and large businesses), including setting clear goals and objectives for each fiscal year.
  • Provide strategic guidance regarding marketing, promotion and partnerships, particularly for the private sector. This includes identifying key partners and influencers and building partnership with these stakeholders.
  • Leverage experience and contacts relevant to corporate Canada to engage target sectors.
  • Create opportunities for adoption of the Standard by working with employers and employees to develop and promote leadership in the area of workplace mental health.
  • Maintains a pulse on current events, public discourse and on stakeholder activities, interest and progress on issues relating to workplace mental health and the Standard.
  • Assist with development of tools and resources to help organizations navigate the Standard, and improve workplace mental health. 
  • Work closely with the lead of the National Case Study Research Project to showcase champions and share best practices across Canada to ultimately drive broad adoption of the Standard.
  • Work with the MHCC’s Knowledge Exchange Centre to develop and maintain Communities of Practice aimed at sharing leading practices and experiences to improve psychological health and safety in the workplace.
  • Work with the MHCC Web Team to develop a web presence that engages organizations and drives them to use the Standard.
  • Create opportunities to profile leaders in the area of workplace mental health in order to encourage and catalyze policy change among like-minded organizations.  
  • Work proactively in collaboration with relevant MHCC departments (Communications, Government Relations) to ensure a coordinated and strategic approach to the communication and marketing of the Standard to all audiences.
  • Identify and foster partnerships, through proactive outreach and lead generation, in the five key audiences: corporate Canada, small and medium businesses, organized labour, professional and trade associations, and HR professionals/business schools.  Help manage
  • Assist with the maintenance of the MHCC’s corporate relationships with relevant stakeholders, policy makers, researchers, and community partners in the area of workplace mental health.
  • Assist with the ongoing updating of an internal strategy that guides and links all MHCC work in the area of workplace
  • Develop briefing notes and undertake research in the area of workplace mental health as needed.
  • Promote collegial relationships among MHCC team members
  • Other duties as required.



  • Superior interpersonal, oral and written communication skills, including comfort with public speaking to influence target audiences
  • Familiarity with and contacts in corporations, preferably across Canada and varying industries to leverage activities
  • Knowledge of key influencers and leaders in the corporate sector and ability to partner with these key stakeholders
  • Demonstrated skill in building collaborative and integrative working relationships and in working with people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • High degree of analytic ability and superior capacity to address complex issues.
  • Ability to translate and communicate a complicated health and social policy issues into a language that is appropriate for various external audiences.
  • Background in marketing, communications, sales, knowledge translation and/or stakeholder relations is an asset.
  • Ability to develop and carry out tactics to raise awareness of the importance for organizations to focus on psychological health and safety in the workplace and drive uptake of the Standard.   
  • An established network with the corporate and business community, as well as an understanding of organized labour and unions.
  • Strong project management skills and a demonstrated experience meeting deadlines while working independently.
  • Results oriented, creative, and possessing a high degree of initiative as well as the ability to work autonomously.
  • Ability to learn quickly and independently and to function in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the life experiences of families and individuals living with mental health problems and illnesses.
  • Commitment to the vision of a reformed, person-centred mental health system and experience working with people with first-hand experience of mental health problems/illnesses.



  • Bachelor degree in business administration, commerce, combined with a marketing speciality or related degree is ideal; or commensurate experience.
  • Experience working in a non-profit is an asset.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a business development or marketing role.
  • Ability to conduct qualitative market research and demonstrate success defining and launching products in the marketplace.
  • Project management experience is an asset.
  • Demonstrable successes working in fast-paced, result-oriented environments, in interdisciplinary and collaborative teams, and in partnerships with groups that include policy makers, researchers, clinicians and people with lived experience.
  • Knowledge of and ability to use a variety of computer programs.
  • Understanding of and experience with workplace mental health.
  • Ability to speak both official languages is an asset.
  • Good understanding of the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. 



  • Values and Ethics
  • Respectful of Diversity
  • Continuous Learning
  • Results Management
  • Team work and Cooperation
  • Oral/Written Communication
  • Health, Safety and Wellness (physical and psychological)



  • Extended periods of time spent in meeting type settings (5 plus hours)
  • Extended visual requirements (5 plus hours) due to computer related work
  • High requirement for multi tasking and effectively dividing attention to numerous duties and responsibilities
  • High degree of concentration required (meetings, presentation, etc.)
  • High level of stamina due to travel, work time requirements
  • High analytical and interpretive requirements



  • Continuously deadline driven requirements
  • High level of multitasking
  • Moderate to high level exposure to stress resulting from complex interactions, stakeholder relations, and output requirements.
  • Moderate to high level exposure to extended travel requirements (up to 40% and greater at times) and extension of work day beyond 7.5 hours
  • High level requirement to maintain concentration for extended periods of time in order to maximize stakeholder engagement, perform situational strategic analysis and interpretation of data and minimize errors.
  • Capacity to effectively organize and prioritize own work.
  • High degree of emotional intelligence required in order to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, influence and inspire others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.
  • Responsive to possible rapid changes in priorities;
  • Adaptable to change (organizational and environmental)
  • Performance goals and objectives are established yearly and regularly reviewed.


The Mental Health Commission of Canada is committed to diversity in the workplace and workplace well-being. As such, applications from individuals from diverse backgrounds such as First Nations, Inuit, and Métis, members of a visible minority group and those with lived experience of mental health problems or illnesses are welcomed and encouraged.


                            Please apply for this position through our company website at: 



While we appreciate all applications, only those selected for interviews will be contacted

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