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MacNaught-Taillon Leadership Award

Date limite de soumission: January 31, 2014  11:59:00 pm

MacNaught-Taillon Leadership Award

MacNaught-Taillon Leadership Award in Health Policy, Health Information and Health Services Research

The MacNaught-Taillon (M&T) Award was established in 2008 to honour the outstanding and lasting contributions of Don MacNaught and Serge Taillon in advancing evidence-informed health policy across Canada. As senior public servants, serving in a number of senior leadership capacities at Health Canada and elsewhere, Don and Serge worked side by side to contribute their leadership in a spirit of cooperation to initiatives such as the Canada Health Act, the National Health Information Council and the National Health Information Task Force. Their vision, values and perseverance contributed significantly to the realization of better health and health care for all Canadians. Don has been referred to as “Mr. Medicare” by former Health Minister Hon. Monique Bégin. Serge was known as “Mr. Health Information”. They deserve much of the credit for building a better bridge from health information to evidence-informed health policy.

The M&T award recognizes outstanding individual contributions to Canadian health care through emerging and exemplary leadership and mentorship in the advancement of the values of Justice Emmett Hall and evidence-informed health policies and programs across Canada.

The criteria for this award include:

  • Fostering linkages and exchanges in support of evidence-informed health policy between decision-makers and researchers;
  • Fostering pan-Canadian approaches to the development and adoption of leading innovations in health care.
  • Training the next generation of Canadian health policy and health services researchers;
  • Development and articulation of a vision for an integrated health information system for Canada; and,
  • Pioneering approaches to health-related, policy-relevant research and analysis.

This award is presented every three years at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR), an event that brings together leaders from across the health sector (government, NGO organizations, academia, delivery sector, private sector) to address key leadership challenges, to review leading practices and to recognize individuals who have demonstrated leadership, excellence and a high level of service within the Canadian health community.

The M&T Award is a nominated award, adjudicated by an awards committee comprised of representatives of the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet), the Board of the Justice Emmett Hall Memorial Foundation, CAHSPR. Nominations are solicited widely within the Canadian health community and must be received by January 31, 2014. Each award recipient will be an invited guest at the formal presentation at the annual CAHSPR symposium (travel and accommodation included). The award is accompanied by a bursary to support further training, research or education in evidence-informed health policy that will be presented to an emerging leader who will be designated at the discretion of the M&T Award recipient.

The M&T award has been made possible by generous corporate and individual charitable contributions. Funding for this prestigious award is held in trust by the Justice Emmett Hall Memorial Foundation. The Foundation was established to honour individuals who have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the advancement of the health ideals personified by Justice Hall (see www.hallfoundation.ca).

Sponsorship of the M&T award is open to companies and individuals, and additional sponsors are actively being sought. All sponsors will receive a charitable receipt and be acknowledged by CHLNet and the Justice Emmett Hall Memorial Foundation for their contributions.

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