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Student Competition: Integrated Knowledge Translation Experiences

October 21, 2016

Collaborative Healthcare Improvement Partnerships Thematic Group (CHIPS)
Student Competition: Integrated Knowledge Translation Experiences
Due Date: November 14, 2016

It is widely recognized that interaction and collaboration between researchers, patients/public,
point of care practitioners, managers and policy-makers is needed to enhance the relevance and
use of research, and improve health care planning, delivery and outcomes. Such interactions are
often referred to as integrated knowledge translation (IKT). We invite trainees to tell us about their experiences using an integrated knowledge translation approach in their work. The most interesting and well-told examples will win a prize of $1,000 from CHIPS (CAHSPR) for research expenses. Winners will also be asked to present at the next CAHSPR conference (if they plan to attend). Two prizes will be awarded.

Submitting a paper:
The paper should be in a pdf document with 12 point font and include:

  • A title (max. 12 words)
  • Authors (in order) and affiliations. Preference will be given to articles co-authored with policy/practice partners
  • 1.5 double-spaced pages, maximum, addressing: the IKT experience (describe the issue addressed by the project; who were the partners and what were their roles; how the partnerships evolved and the values or impacts attributable to the partnership - max. ¾ of a page) and what was learned for future IKT activities (describe challenges and opportunities related to the partnership, and your learnings - max. ¾ of a page)
  • 2-3 sentences describing how the prize monies will be spent
  • Key words (4 max)
  • Eligibility: current trainee who is a member of CAHSPR

Timelines: Please submit by 5 pm on Monday, November 14th 2016 to Chris McCutcheon ( with “CHIPS Trainee Competition” in the Subject Line. Contact Anita Kothari ( if you have any questions. This initiative is sponsored by the Collaborative Healthcare Improvement Partnerships Thematic Group (CHIPS) of The Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR).

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